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From Personal Passion to Purposeful Breeding

Our History

Our path began with a spectrum child, a relentless pursuit of knowledge, and an unyielding dedication to his success. Article by article, consultation by consultation, it became evident – a four-legged companion could hold the key to a unique peace, a solace beyond compare.

The challenge arose when finding the right canine ally seemed insurmountable. Professional options were beyond our reach, with waitlists stretching for years. Determined to craft our own journey, we sought a breed that merged family-friendliness, intelligence, and hypoallergenic traits. Why? To ensure our pup could accompany our son everywhere, free from allergen concerns. Enter: The Standard Poodle. Skepticism turned into conviction as we thoughtfully selected a breeder, and our new puppy swiftly eased our apprehensions.

Every claim about the breed rang true, and as our son embraced his loyal companion, remarkable shifts in his demeanor unfolded. The promised peace and calm materialized. Today, our beloved Standard Poodles journey with us, enriching our lives immeasurably. The realization that this breed could be a solution led us to share our experience, recognizing the potential to ethically enhance its traits.

Introducing the F1BB Labradoodle – a fusion of the Standard Poodle’s brilliance and hypoallergenic coat with the Lab’s playfulness and broad snout. A harmonious blend, embodying the best of both worlds. Surprisingly, our Labradoodle’s devotion even eclipsed our Poodles’, solidifying their excellence as service candidates.

The Dood Ranch champions these remarkable beings, nurturing them with the utmost integrity and sharing their unique gifts far and wide. Our journey, driven by compassion and purpose, has led to a commitment that transcends breeding. Welcome to The Dood Ranch, where Labradoodles flourish, transforming lives and sparking genuine connections.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission lies a deeply personal journey that has shaped our dedication to Labradoodle breeding. Our story began with a precious spectrum child, a path illuminated by tireless research, and a quest for his flourishing. Amid countless articles and consultations, a revelation emerged—adding the right canine companion could offer a unique sense of tranquility and harmony, a precious solace no therapy could replicate.

Elevating Standards

How We Set Ourselves Apart

Early Neurological Stimulation

Early socialization starts with the breeder, and when performed correctly, ENS has been proven to produce better tempered pups, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and a greater resistance to disease. We perform this from day 3-16, in addition to daily touch and noise exposure.

Potty-Trained Pups

We train with artificial turf. Each pup goes home with a small piece and they will go to the bathroom wherever you put that piece. So you’re just maintaining habits we’ve already established, making for a smoother transition to home. 

We Breed With service in mind

Service dogs need exceptional health, abilities, and an even temperament. We carefully select females that have calm and dependable tempers, are good learners, and have superior health. Our males are confident, with excellent health, and a sweet personality. Each female will have no more than 4 litters in their lifetime and then go on to be exceptional ambassadors for us. On a yearly basis we only whelp 1 to 2 litters, all with the purpose of becoming assistance dogs. 

Lifetime Support

Our relationship doesn’t stop once the puppy is in your home. It is our job to help, and we work hard to be experts of our breed, supporting you through any questions you may have along the way.