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F1bb Labradoodles

We’re a small family breeder of service-quality American Labradoodles based in Kingman, Arizona. We breed pups ready for service, with service in their bones, and ENS/ESI training to help get them there. The parent pairings that we choose consist only of dogs certified in service and therapy work, because we strongly believe that therapeutic qualities matter. We take their socialization seriously, and our kids are actively involved in their care, training, and cuddles. Our mission is t0 help families going through the journey of finding their service-prospect – and our support does not end the moment your puppy is in your home. Our pups have gone on to work in various service aspects and companionship, helping their humans with PTSD, anxiety, depression, autism, and beyond. Put simply: We’re committed to raising exceptional puppies you can’t help but fall in love with.

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We’re the Brantinghams!

We’re a family of 6 living and working in the beautiful rural community of Kingman, Arizona. We always knew a four-legged friend would greatly benefit our spectrum kid, but the information online was so overwhelming. Not to mention, the long wait-lists and massive financial commitments. We decided training ourselves would be the best option, and after a lot of research, we got a Standard Poodle. Their crazy smarts and hypoallergenic qualities were what drew us to the breed, and slowly but surely we started to explore Doodles and the benefits that Standard Poodles can add when breeding. 

Long story short, we fell head over heels in love with our dog, and quickly knew that we wanted to share that same love, joy, and sense of calm that he brought our son, with other families. Many years later The Dood Ranch was born, and today we take great pride in breeding dogs with excellent health and temperaments, socializing them properly, and getting them ready for a life of love, companionship, and service.

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Why American Labradoodles?


Labradoodles were developed to be service dogs; they’re naturally smart, friendly, and easy to train. Our pups come potty-trained and crate familiar for this reason. They are born geniuses! 

Hypoallergenic & Non-Shedding

With most Labradoodles there can still be a chance for shedding and allergy problems, depending on which parent traits they take after. F1bb Labradoodles are 80-90% Standard Poodle, and 10-20% Lab. With their high percentage of poodle, they are the only type of Labradoodle in their generation that is guaranteed to be completely non-shedding.

Intuitive & Versatile

Labradoodles are very in-tune with people’s moods. They will stick by your side when you’re down, try to make you laugh, and are up for any adventure. Many people say they are “human dogs.”

Ready to find your newest family member?

Originally bred for therapy and service work, F1BB Labradoodles make outstanding family companions. These sweet, affectionate, smart little souls are completely non-shedding and allergy friendly, making them ideal for families who otherwise could not have a dog. These pups are the real deal! 

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