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Ethically bred and family-raised in Kingman Arizona, bringing love and joy to households nationwide.

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Welcome to 

The Dood Ranch

We are the Brantinghams

We’re a devoted family breeder of top-tier American Labradoodles in Kingman, Arizona. Our puppies come primed for service, bolstered by ENS/ESI training. Our parents are certified service and therapy dogs, chosen for their therapeutic qualities. Guided by our kids, we prioritize socialization, care, and training. Our mission: empowering families in their quest for service prospects or companions. We offer unwavering support beyond adoption. Our pups transform lives through service and companionship, aiding those with PTSD, anxiety, depression, autism, and beyond. In essence, we’re dedicated to nurturing irreplaceable bonds with extraordinary puppies.

Why American Labradoodles?


Labradoodles were developed to be service dogs; they’re naturally smart, friendly, and easy to train. Our pups come potty-trained and crate familiar for this reason. They are born geniuses! 

Hypoallergenic & Non-Shedding

With most Labradoodles there can still be a chance for shedding and allergy problems, depending on which parent traits they take after. F1bb Labradoodles are 80-90% Standard Poodle, and 10-20% Lab. With their high percentage of poodle, they are the only type of Labradoodle in their generation that is guaranteed to be completely non-shedding.

Intuitive & Versatile

Labradoodles are very in-tune with people’s moods. They will stick by your side when you’re down, try to make you laugh, and are up for any adventure. Many people say they are “human dogs.”


What we do

What Makes Us Special

Lifetime Support

Our support extends beyond the sale. We’re here for a lifetime, whether it’s advice, updates, or just being a part of your Labradoodle’s journey. Your preferences guide us – whether you prefer guidance or independence. We’re here, always.

Emark Testing

Health is non-negotiable. Our Labradoodles are bred only from parent pairings that have passed extensive Embark testing, leaving no room for genetic uncertainties. This rigorous screening is our ultimate health guarantee, ensuring that your furry companion starts life on the healthiest note possible.


Our Labradoodle puppies thrive in a nurturing family environment. From Early Neurological Stimulation to the joyful chaos of a bustling household with four kids, our pups are introduced to diverse experiences. They learn touch, adapt to noise, and develop into remarkably well-rounded companions. This unique upbringing sets us apart and ensures you’re bringing home an adaptable, well-mannered pup.

Personal Delivery

Distance doesn’t separate us from ensuring a stress-free journey for your Labradoodle pup. While you’re welcome to collect your furry friend from our home, we recognize the challenges of travel for puppies. That’s why we go the extra mile—literally—by personally delivering to families across the West Coast. Your pup’s comfort is our priority, making the bonding experience as cuddly and calm as possible.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission lies a deeply personal journey that has shaped our dedication to Labradoodle breeding. Our story began with a precious spectrum child, a path illuminated by tireless research, and a quest for his flourishing. Amid countless articles and consultations, a revelation emerged—adding the right canine companion could offer a unique sense of tranquility and harmony, a precious solace no therapy could replicate.

In a beautiful turn of events, our own dog captured our hearts, becoming a cherished part of our family. It didn’t take long to realize that the boundless love, joy, and serenity he brought into our lives was a gift meant to be shared. And so, after years of nurturing this vision, The Dood Ranch was born—a place where excellence in breeding merges with a profound understanding of the transformative bond between humans and their four-legged friends.

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